Slick Plug-ins for iMovie - FAQ

Does the Slick software work with iMovie' 08 or '09 (iLife '08 or '09)?

iMovie '08 and '09 are a complete rewrite of Apple's movie editing sofware and offers a new model for creating movies. It sports a new look and provides a fast and easy way create a basic video quickly. Unfortunately, this new version does not support plug-ins such as the Slick software. Look here for more information.

Does the Slick software work with iMovie' 06 (iLife '06)?

Yes, the Slick software works with iMovie 6. You can get updates here. New purchases already include these updates.

Does the Slick software work with Macs with an Intel Processor?

The new Macintosh models with an Intel processor use a version of iMovie that requires Intel versions of plug-ins. The Slick plug-in are now "universal binaries" to support the Intel Macs, as well as Macs with a PowerPC processor (G3, G4 or G5). Current customers can get the updates for Intel Macs here.

New online purchases after 7/14/2006 already include the universal binary versions.

Some plug-ins say to turn on Flash in the QuickTime System Preference, but I can't find this option.

In the update for QuickTime 7.3.1 (or later), Apple removed the support for playing back Flash files in QuickTime. This has been part of QuickTime since 1999, but Apple removed this capability with no warning to developers or users. Several of the Slick plug-ins make extensive use of the Flash capabilities in QuickTime, and require Flash to display and render some titles, transitions and effects.

Right now the only solution that Apple provides is to downgrade to QuickTime 7.3. To do this, Apple requires you to reinstall Mac OS X.

We're investigating other ways to bring back these capabilities without the use of Flash, but this may require a major rewrite of the plug-ins. The plug-ins affected are Wild FX titles (Vols. 5, 7 & 8), Ani-Mattes (Vol.8), Object Wipes (Vol.9) and Transitions in Vol. 10. Send us a note and we'll let you know as soon as we have more information.

My Slick software was lost in a disk crash. How can I download the software again

If you need to re-download your purchased software after the initial 24-hour download period, please contact with your payment order number (8 digits long, included on your email receipt) and we'll send you a new link to download the software.

When I launch iMovie I get the error message"Something is wrong with the plugin XXX".

If you just updated OS X or are installing on a new computer, the likely cause is that you are using an older version of the Slick software.

Please go to our iMovie update page to get the latest version.

When I run the Slick installer, I get an "Access Denied" or "File can not be found" error message.

This is most likely due to a permissions problem with the Library/CFMSupport folder. The Slick installer needs to place some support files in that folder. The easiest solution is to run the Disk Utility application from Apple and Repair Permissions.

If things are still not working, temporarily remove the Library/CFMSupport folder and run the Slick installer. After the installation is complete, move the contents of the old CFMSupport folder into the new folder created after the Slick software was installed.

I'm not able to open the file I just downloaded. Or Toast launches when I try to open the file.

The file that you download should either be a .dmg file. Usually this file gets converted automatically by your web browser. But if the file is a .bin, it first needs to be converted using StuffIt Expander. It is a free download here.

If Toast gets launched when you try to open the file, the system default for your system has been changed by the Toast installer. That installer changes Toast as the default application to open all .img and .dmg files. The solution is to select the Slick .img or .dmg file in the Finder. Under the File menu select Get Info. The under Open With, change the application to DiskImageMounter. If this does not work, then use the Disk Utility application to open the Slick .img or .dmg file.

I purchased the download version and my hard drive crashed. How can I get the software again?

Just send an email to and we’ll be glad to help out. Be sure to include as much information as possible on your previous order to help us get the software to you quickly.

The Slick Transitions & Effects don't appear in the Transitions or Effects tabs in iMovie. Why?

If the Slick transitions and effects don't appear, this means iMovie was not able to find the Slick plug-in files. There are several possible reasons for this:

  • The Slick software was not properly installed. Fortunately, it's easy and quick to reinstall, and that should cure the problem.
  • You are using iMovie '08. Look here for more information.

What are the hardware and software requirements for Slick Transitions & Effects?

The minimum system requirements for Slick Transitions & Effects are:

  • iMovie 4, iMovie HD 5, iMovie HD 6
  • Mac OS 10.3.9 or later
  • Any Macintosh computer with a 300 MHz or faster PowerPC G3 or G4 processor and built-in FireWire port
  • Mac with an Intel processor

How much do the Slick Transitions & Effects cost?

Slick Volumes cost between $29.95 to $69.95 apiece when downloaded from our website. There are ten volumes to choose from. When you download the software directly from us, you avoid shipping or handling fees. (All Slick volumes are also available on CD for a small extra cost.) Bundles of several volumes are also available at substantial savings.

Where can I purchase Slick Transitions & Effects?

You can buy Slick Transitions & Effects directly from GeeThree's secure Ordering page. Also, we do not sell or make available any of your personal information to any third parties. We don't want you to get any more spam than you already do!

The Slick software is also available at numerous resellers including Apple's Retail and online stores, Dr. Bott and other Mac resellers.

Do you accept school purchase orders? Are there volume discounts or site licenses available?

You bet! We welcome school purchase orders. A PO can be faxed to us at 650.328.8092.

For purchases for use on more than ten computers at a site, we offer volume discounts. Please contact for more details.

After I buy Slick Transitions & Effects, how do I download the software?

You download the software using your web browser. As soon as your order has been processed, you'll be directed to a page where you can download the software immediately. This page will include the serial number required to install your software. You will also receive an email receipt, containing your serial number and the URL where your software can be downloaded. In most email programs, just clicking on this link will begin the download process. If your email program doesn't have this capability, just paste the URL into your web browser. Please download the software within 24 hours, while your personal copy of the Slick software is available on our servers.

How large are the downloaded files? What if I have problems downloading?

The Slick Transitions & Effects software downloads are approximately 3.3 MB to 58.6 MB, depending on which volumes you purchased. This includes all the software you need, plus a user's manual in PDF format. If you have any problems with your download, please contact and we'll be glad to assist you.

Can I get Slick Transitions & Effects on CD?

Sure! If you'd like the Slick Transitions & Effects software on CDs, you can get them for an additional $5 (plus shipping/handling) per volume. You'll still be able to download the software to use it immediately, if you like.

Can I remove a transition or effect that I don't want to use?

To remove a plug-in, just go to the user/Library/iMovie/Plugins folder and remove the plug-in file.

Other Questions?

Please use this technical support request form or Contact us at and we'll be happy to answer other questions.