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Frequently Asked Questions - Ordering

How do I order GeeThree products?

GeeThree products can be ordered directly from the GeeThree web site. You can order online with a major credit card (Visa, MasterCard and American Express) using our secure transaction system. You can also fax us an order. All of our softare products can be ordered as a download so that you can downlaod and start using it immediately. CD versions are also available. Many of the Slick volumes are also available at the Apple online and retail stores.

I live outside the US. How can I get GeeThree products?

The Slick software can be ordered as a download so no shipping is required. Stealth Serial Port and other GeeThree products are available for order outside of the US. Orders are shipped by postal airmaill.

When will my order be shipped? How are products shipped?

Orders are shipped from our shipping department within 1 business day of receipt. Delivery is by US Postal with estimated delivery time of 2-3 days on average. International orders are shipped by airmail.

What if my shipping address is different from my billing address?

On the online order form, please enter your shipping address in the appropriate fields. Enter your billing address in the Notes field.

How much is shipping and handling? Can I get faster delivery?
    Before you checkout, the shipping and handling fee will be computed. The shipping cost vary according to weight and destination.

    There is no shipping and handling charges for the download version of Slick Transitions & Effects software.

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Can I fax in an order?

Please use our online fax form and fax it to (650)328-8092 and we will process your order within 2 business days.

Can I get Slick Transitions & Effects any other way than as an electronic download?

Slick Transitions & Effects is currently available either as an electronic download or as a CD. When the CD version is purchaed, an electronic download is also included at no additional charge.

Do you accept PO's from schools?

We can accept purchase orders from education institutions. Please fax your PO to us at (650)328-8092.

I'm a reseller and would like to carry your products?

For information on reselling GeeThree product, please send email to

How do I contact for other ordering questions?

For other order questions, please send email to

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