Fusion Factory HD

Soft and Organic Dissolve plug-in for Final Cut Pro

The Power of Softness
Softness is a simple but compelling treatment that Fusion Factory HD specializes in. Even for pure “cuts and dissolves” , Fusion Factory’s ultra-soft directional dissolves can add a wonderfully subtle hint of movement or geometry to lead the viewer’s eye.

Industry-Leading Soft and Organic Dissolves
From subtle ‘directional’ dissolves - a compelling alternative to standard dissolves/fades - to cutting-edge organic looks, Fusion Facotry gives you fresh, useful alternatives to hard-edged transitions.

Includes 750 HD “atoms”
Virtually endless varieties of organic and directional soft dissolves at HD quality. Organized in 28 categories with visual thumbnail display to help you find the right one easily. Atoms are licensed from Pixelan Software’s award-winning visual effects packages.

Advanced Customization made Easy
All atoms are completely customizable. FusionFactory provides controls to adjust the softness, direction and speed of each dissolve.

Ease In & Out
Set ease in and ease out for ultimate control and that professional edge.

Organic Dissolves demo reel

Access 750 styles in one plug-in

System Requirements
• Final Cut Pro 6, Final Cut Pro 7 (FCP X not supported)
• Final Cut Express 4 or later
• Mac OS X 10.4, 10.5, 10.6, 10.7
• Universal Binary - Intel & PowerPC Macs

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