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iMovie '08 -'11 Message from the Slick Team

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The Slick plug-ins for iMovie requires iMovie HD 6, the most recent version of iMovie that supports plug-ins. iMovie '08-11 is a complete rewrite of Apple's movie editing sofware and offers a new model for creating movies. It sports a new look and provides a fast and easy way create a basic video quickly. Unfortunately, these newer versions do not support plug-ins such as the Slick software.

While iMovie HD 6 is an older version, it still remains the video editor of choice for many editors. Since it is a "DV editor", it handles video in the native dv format without any loss of quality. If you burn DVDs, iMovie HD 6 is a great program. Also, many user prefer the simple iMovie HD 6 user interface, the familiar controls required in more advanced video projects, as well as the capabilities to use plug-ins, such as the Slick software.

The Slick line of software coninues to work great with iMovie HD 6 (and versions 4 and 5), and the latest versions of Mac OS X, including Snow Leopard. The software are universal binaries to work on G4, G5 and Intel-based Macs. These award-winning plug-ins allow you to create remarkable and memorable videos that will "Wow" your audiences and let your creative talents shine. Check out our 10 volumes that include over 1000 plug-ins.

If given the chance to create plug-ins for iMovie '11, we'll do our best in creating cool new transitions, effects and titles. If you would like to give feedback to Apple on this topic, you can provide feedback here:

Send us a note and we'll keep you informed when we have more news to provide.

Best Regards,
GeeThree Slick Team

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