Slick 4


The Slick SplitScreen plug-in inserts a video, or graphics image, to the right side of a movie clip. The center split position can be adjusted, as well as the horizontal position of each clip.

This version of SplitScreen keeps the aspect ratio of each side the same as the original.

  • The Effect In and Effect Out Sliders controls how the split screen slides in/out.
  • The Split Location slider controls the split point.
  • Clip Center adjusts the horizontal position of the video on the left.
  • File Center adjusts the horizontal position of the video inserted.
  • Use the Choose File button to select a file. Video formats supported are QuickTime video files, including iMovie clips.The graphic file can be PICT, JPEG, GIF and Photoshop image
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The configuration dialog lets you:

  • Select the inset file,
  • Stretch the image vertically to fill the screen.
  • Choose how the left side image is centered or squished to fit.