Slick 4

Picture- in-Picture

The Slick Picture-in-Picture plug-in inserts a video, or graphics image, on top of a movie clip.

The inserted video can be positioned and sized. The Effect In and Effect Out fades or moves the inserted video to the screen.

  • The Effect In and Effect Out Sliders controls a fade in/out (or slide in/out) of the overlay file.
  • The Position Sliders control the location of the inserted video.
  • The Size Slider sets the size of the inserted video.
  • Use the Choose File button to select a file. Video formats supported are QuickTime video files, including iMovie clips.The graphic file can be PICT, JPEG, GIF and Photoshop image.

Click to see PIP tutorial.

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The configuration dialog lets you:

  • Select the inset file,
  • Have this image fade in/out using the Effect In/Out sliders
  • Draw a border
  • Set the direction of how the image enters using the Effect In/out sliders.