Slick 4


Matte-tastic is a powerful and versatile tool to overlay a graphics image, or movie file, on top of a video clip. Adding a logo, frame or any other image (or movie) is a breeze

  • The Effect In and Effect Out Sliders controls the fade in and out of the overlay file.
  • Click in the small preview area to set the location of the image.
  • The Scale Slider ajusts the size of the overlay image.
  • The Opacity Slider controls the opacity level of the overlay file.
  • Use the Configure button to select a file. The graphic file can be PICT, JPEG, GIF, animated GIF and Photoshop image. . Video formats supported are QuickTime video files. Transparent alpha channels are supported

Click here to see a
Matte-tactic tutorial.

Click here to see how to
create your own matte files.



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