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HD Pan & Zoom for Final Cut
Soft and Organic Dissolves for FInal Cut
Fusion Factory

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Slick Transitions and Effects
Slick Caption
Stealth Serial Port
Sweet Multiport
ADB to PS2 Adapter
Slick Volumes 1-10
Award-winning line of
plug-ins for iMovie
Slick Caption
Video captioning
software for the Mac
Stealth Serial Port
Add a serial port for
your G4 or G5 Mac
Sweet Multiport
Add FireWire, USB, and a card reader for your G4
PS/2 to ADB Adapter
Support PS/2 mice on ADB Macs
Slick Volume 9

Slick Volume 9
Transitions galore with the latest Slick package. Create subtle directional dissolves, organic blends and cool cutting-edge mixes with Fusion Factory. Plus, over 70 new 3D transitions. Check out Object Wipes for a new breed of transitions. Create long rolling titles with PDF Scroll. Or set the alignment, line spacing and position of your title with Place Text II. Finally, have fun showing a trail of your journey with Travel Log. Place video inside a TV, picture frame or other fun objects. Click for more info.

Slick Volume 10 Slick Volume 10
A dozen of the most versatile special effect tools for iMovie. Add realistic lighting effects with Lighting Studio. Multi-camera editing is now possible in iMovie. View and switch between 4 sources with a click. Overlay several tracks within a single window. Or add several views of the same clip. Fine tune the color adjustment using two powerful, and easy to use tools. Other handy tools include Scale & Crop, Skew & Distort, and Straighten. Plus, over 60 refreshing transitions. Click for more info.


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