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Stealth for
OS X 10.2 installer

Stealth and Mac OS X 10.2

Updated to version 1.1. Required for Mac OS X 10.2. Also works with earlier version of Mac OS X.

The main benefit of the Stealth Serial Port is that it provides a "native" serial port that behaves just as if it was built-in the G4 or G3 system. With OS X, the Stealth provides that same level of compatibility - if it works with built-in serial port on a Beige G3 running Mac OS X then it will work with a Stealth.

After the Stealth OS X software is installed (requires administrator's password) and you restart your system, go to the Network System Preference and you will see that the Stealth is now recognized as "serial-port".

External modems work fine by configuring the serial-port in the Network System Preference. Also, we're working with application developers creating OS X applications to access the Stealth Port.

Note - Apple has stated that LocalTalk will not be supported in OS X, so LocalTalk printers will not work with the Stealth under OS X (and under Classic). Also, your serial peripheral may require its own OS X drivers to work under OS X - please check with the vendor of your serial device. This update is not required for Mac OS 9.x users.

Stealth for OS X 10.2 Installer (98K)

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