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Apple Localtalk
The Apple LocalTalk Bridge software is an unsupported control panel from Apple that provides a bridge between LocalTalk network and an Ethernet network. For new Mac owners, this would allow you to use a LocalTalk printer while on an Ethernet network without having to keep switching AppleTalk settings.

The current version of the LocalTalk bridge software does not work with the G3, G4 and iMac systems. We created a patch that allows it to work with a Stealth Serial Port, but still has some limitations. The major limitations listed by Apple are:

  • You still can not change between Ethernet and LocalTalk dynamically. You first must disable the Bridge software
  • The Bridge software works with only some devices and certain network configurations.

Please refer to the LocalTalk Bridge 2.1 Read Me file for more information.

The GeeThree.com software patch works within those limitations and is offered "as-is". This software it the proprietary product of GeeThree.com and is protected by copyright laws.

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